Windshield Time

Having just returned back to Minnesota after a quick trip to Iowa to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with family, I had the fortunate opportunity to invest in some quality “windshield time.”  This allocation of hours is spent concentrating on the operation of the truck, but yet mindlessly staring at the windshield of the vehicle as you traverse the Interstate system.  This time can be a gift or a curse whichever way you look at it.

This past trip blessed me with the occasion for reflection on my time in this industry.  The changes that have taken place since 1987 have been significant.  Technology has made it easier to construct/remodel an extremely efficient home.  Home automation continues to inspire and impress potential customers as well as contractors, and the evolution of hand tools that can assist our craftsmen in ways that many of us could never imagine.

However, the one thing that is still consistent is the work force.  In today’s technology driven, text savvy world, we still need the faithful, dedicated, caring employee that can transform a vacant lot into a home that nurtures all those that live there.  You might have all the logistics covered, but without the allegiance of a committed team absolutely nothing will transpire.

As we transition into the final weeks of 2013, my “windshield time” reminded me once again that the most important tool available to me in my tool box is the human element that everyone at the Larson Family of Companies brings to the equation that continues to make our organization the premier contractor in central Minnesota.  That caring touch is the difference, and the foundation, for countless customer relationships since 1967.