Preparing Windows for Cold Weather

Inspect, prepare, repair or replace windowsFall is a great time to get house projects done and make sure your home is ready to endure the winter ahead. Weather proofing your windows and making sure they aren’t drafty is something you should address every fall. If you have older windows, it’s possible that a window that was fine last season is now presenting some issues. You want to catch this early and remedy before your heat goes out the window!

Not only does proper window maintenance save money, but well maintained windows keep the elements out and your home in top condition. For heat efficiency purposes, it’s important to start your window weatherproofing on the inside. However, external maintenance is also important to prevent water seepage, mold, wood and insulation damage and more.

Inside Your Window

Window treatments: While not part of your window, window treatments are an important way to increase heat efficiency in your home and help your windows keep cold air out. Window treatments like blinds and drapes can help keep your room warm on windy days, but remember to open them on sunny days to take advantage of the free heat from the sun!

Inspect for repairs and replacements: Inspect your window for needed repairs. If you feel one or more windows need to be replaced, this is the time to get that scheduled. We can help you find a window that will match or closely resemble existing windows, as well as fit into the existing space. If you want a different style of window, a larger window, or to upgrade to a high efficiency type window like THV, this would be the best time to get it installed. If you are going to replace a window, consider your options and do that now.

Energy audit: An energy audit is a valuable resource for helping you decide what home improvements you can make to improve your energy efficiencies. For older homes or in cases where you suspect you’re home has some issues, this can really save you money now and throughout the future when you’re able to fix or replace items. In many cases, the remedies are quite simple and inexpensive. For larger expense items, an energy audit prepares you for repairs or appliance replacements and gives you time to set money aside.

Caulk: Caulk and weather stripping is a great idea for drafty windows, especially windows in older homes. You want to keep the elements outside, as well as unwanted pests and cold drafts. When replacing a window isn’t an option for you, make sure you seal any cracks around the window, wall, and sill.

Outside Your Window

Inspect repairs and replacements: Inspect your windows from the outside as well. A window that looks fine on the inside may have issues on the outside. Check for cracked glass, rotting wood, broken mechanisms, loose shudders and awnings. If you are unsure how to proceed with a repair, give us a call.

Weather stripping/caulk: Make sure your windows are sealed well from the outside, as well as the inside.

Trim Branches: If there are overgrown scrubs and tree branches close to or touching your windows, roof, or siding, it’s time to trim them back. Once we get snow , wind, and freezing rain, heavy ice laden branches can cause significant damage to your roof, gutters, windows, and more.

Screens off: If you have the kind of windows that utilize screens in the summer that need to be stored for the winter, now is the time to remove them. If you have storm windows and doors to replace the screens, get them on while the weather is nice.

If you have any questions about repairs or replacement windows, please give us a call.