“Where’s The Beef?”

I am probably dating myself a little bit, but many of you may remember the 1980’s Wendy’s commercial with the short, elderly lady screaming, “Where’s the beef?”  However, today’s window consumers should be saying the same thing!

Most replacement windows sold today are manufactured with a rigid vinyl frame.  It is a material that is fairly easy to work with, requires little maintenance, and with the right equipment, just about anybody can start a window manufacturing business.

A terribly overlooked feature of a window is the frame.  Don’t get me wrong, the glass package is still the most important aspect of your window; just don’t be satisfied with accepting the same old, industry standards that were popular when Wendy’s announced the “Where’s the beef?” campaign.

Rigid Vinyl frame on left, compared to Expanded Polymer Composite frame on the right

Today’s window frame technology featuring Expanded Polymer Composites is 214% stronger than rigid vinyl of yester-year!  The expansion/contraction rate is an unbelievable .2%, compared to almost 4% in rigid vinyl.  Simply put, the Expanded Polymer Composite window system is the most advanced, dimensionally stable product available today.  This picture clearly shows the “beef” in the EPC frame.

Forget the gimmicks of a foam injected frame, they do very little to help improve the efficiency of a window.  Find the “beef” and a whole lot more at: