When the Honey Do List gets a little sticky

Nature's antisepticCreative Commons License photo credit: Simon Peckham
Come on guys, admit it.  You know the list; it seems to magically grow with activities that are designed to simply interfere with walleye fishing, the back nine, or a relaxing Sunday afternoon nap!  For many of us, the list has turned into a small novel, with chapters of never ending tasks.  Those tasks, if not completed as “expected”, that little Honey-Do list starts to get a little sticky.

It’s probably safe to say that those of us that have mastered the list, have not found the magical genie in the bottle.  What we have found, however, is a much better way to solve the stickiness of the list.

A local handyman service may be the answer.  Rescreening a window, cleaning out gutters, or hanging a new storm door are simple projects that companies like this excel at.  The employees of these organizations are usually very experienced carpenters that have mastered many aspects of their trade.  They understand how things work, and use that knowledge to help “fix” just about anything you need, from the smallest project you can imagine, to much larger endeavors like finishing the basement or a small addition.  These Titans of the Toolbox will make your list much easier to handle!

Bob Schumacher, of Larson Home Solutions is an excellent example of an employee of a successful handyman business.  Bob has owned his owned a remodeling business, and has spent many years in the field.  His knowledge is invaluable to you as a customer, and to our company.

Take advantage of some excellent opportunities to save some money AND get the Honey-Do list complete.