what happens when “base” is gone

Prior to the electronic age, children would actually go outside to play.  The older kids would choose the game, and the younger group would just follow in line.  The common tie between the two age groups was a simple little thing called base.  It was a place of safety, comfort, and loaded with the knowledge that no matter what was happening in the game, you were safe.  It was home.  Venturing away from base was risky and uncomfortable.  To journey outside of the “safety net” could involve feelings of insecurity, and for most, a step onto somewhat slippery ground.

As we approach the conclusion of week two of our remodel, our “base” is gone.  Our home looks terribly different.  The feelings of comfort and safety have been replaced with “what in the world have I done,” as well as opportunities to question the overall thought process of the project.

I was again reminded of the parallels of our project and what our customers must obviously be experiencing.  This “walk in my shoes” challenge has opened some doors, and shed some light.

For most home owners experiencing a remodel project, this is the make or break point.  Walls are removed, debris is scattered….life as they know it, their base, so to speak, is upside down.  There is no turning back now.  Realization truly is the foundation of what is to follow.

If the homeowner has completed their due diligence, this is a fairly easy step.  If not, there will be issues with the project and with the general contractor.


At this point in the project allow the contractor the opportunity to do what he/she said they were going to do.  This aspect is significant to both the client and the contractor.  It is during this stage that relationships are cemented together, or ripped apart.  It is imperative that the homeowner allow the contractor the opportunity to succeed.  Direct communication between all invested parties should be a mandated issue at this point.  All communication needs to be relayed first hand, and not through a third party.  Important interpretations can get lost or mis-communicated.

The “shoes” feel a little different after two weeks.  The trials and tribulations of our clients seem more tangible, and realistic.  The journey continues, with our eyes wide open, always looking for opportunities to enhance the Larson Experience.