The view from the bleachers.

Those of you that know me, understand my appreciation for the game of hockey.  I’m involved in many aspects of the game, but really enjoy this time of the year when I can just simply relax and watch the NHL playoffs.  The normal hockey stress is gone, the fish haven’t started to bite, and the game brings a quiet relaxation to my hockey world.  I finally get to be just part of the crowd.

It’s easy to be a part of the crowd.  Fair weather fans and Monday morning quarterbacks dominate this group of band wagon jumping herd followers.  Do what everybody else does and you don’t have to worry about discipline, determination, or desire; you simply show up, get in line, and follow.

At the Larson Family of Companies we’ve never liked the view as a follower.  We were the innovators that brought seamless siding and gutters to central Minnesota.  We saw the need for replacement windows, and started to install them before other contractors had even heard about them.  We continue to innovate today.  Our green building practices, and energy efficient products uphold our role as an industry leader.

When it comes to remodeling or new construction, don’t settle for another member of the crowd.  Look for innovation and company whose finished product will stand out from the crowd.  Look no further than the the proud members of the Larson Family of Companies.