The real value.

After last week’s post about getting started with home improvements, I thought I would share with each of you a great “benchmark” for planning purposes.

Remodeling Magazine annually distributes the  Cost Vs. Value Report in which it provides homeowners with an estimate as to how much they can expect to recoup out of the remodeling project when they decide to sell the home.  (It is a very good guide to reference prior to starting a project.)

For example, data from the report shows that for a mid-ranged window replacement project in Minneapolis, MN  (10 vinyl windows, each 3′ x 5′, with exterior cladding, low e glass, and argon insulating gas), a homeowner to anticipate investing $11,113 with a recoup percentage of 61.8%.

Of course, you can remodel your home solely for your own enjoyment, without any thought as to the affect your investment may have on the selling price of your home.  But, if you’re considering tackling a project or two, it may be a wise decision to consult the cost vs. value report in Remodeling Magazine.