The Prism Collection: A New Innovation In Exterior Property Maintenance

When it comes to the places we live and work, exterior maintenance is key to having beautiful curbside appeal. You don’t need us to tell you that keeping the things we love in good shape takes a lot of time, and plenty of maintenance. It’s one of the reasons we strive to help our customers make their homes’ exterior maintenance-free. I mean who wants to spend the limited summer weekends we get in Minnesota scraping and painting your home? Not to mention with all of the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, oftentimes our “home projects” end up landing further and further down on our to-do list, and eventually, completely off our radar.  

It’s one of the reasons we have been installing maintenance-free ABC Seamless siding for 36 years. While we, and many of our customers, have loved ABC Seamless siding for its durability, and energy efficiency for over three decades, we are thrilled to introduce the Prism Collection that is going to bring a whole new ‘sparkle’ to the already wide array of colors and options.  

The Prism Collection, a first from ABC Seamless, is a unique steel siding that provides a natural wood-grain texture combined with rich, elegant colors and a subtle hint of mist. It offers exceptional beauty that will last a lifetime.  

What Makes the Prism Collection Unique?  

• Pristine Finish – Based on our proprietary ENTEX finish, Prism’s rich colors and the subtle hint of mist are unmatched in the industry.  

• Durability – It will not chip, crack or peel.  

• Color-Coordinated Accessories – A full-line of color-coordinated accessories are available to complete the look of your home or business.  

• Virtually Maintenance-Free – The technological advancement of Prism offers long-term color retention which means you will never paint again.  

• Unmatched Warranty – 35-year fade protection and a lifetime, non-prorated limited warranty that includes material and labor.  

The Prism Collection colors are available in all of our panel widths and sizes with a full line of color coordinated accessories. 

We all want to protect the longevity of the spaces that we live and work in, and ensure that they look beautiful for years to come. With the new Prism Collection by ABC Seamless, you can rest assured that your space will be a stunning and maintenance free oasis.  

Stop by our showroom or contact us today so see the beauty of the new Prism Collection for yourself.