The MacGyver Fix

In the mid 1980’s a  TV sitcom featured a resourceful secret agent armed only with his ever present Swiss Army Knife.  MacGyver, with his laid back personality, always seemed to have the knowledge, the scientific know how, and the creativity to solve unique situations.  You could always count on MacGyver, some duct tape, and his faithful Swiss Army Knife for a clever solution to a problem.

As homeowners, most of us are not MacGyvers….we need to call a professional for assistance with issues around the house.  Whether it is a plumbing, electrical, or heating issue, there doesn’t seem to be a simple duct tape fix in the world of home maintenance.

Homeowners, can however, take steps to help prevent issues, problems, or expensive disasters.  The change in seasons is a great time to compile your fall “to-do” list.  (For me, at least, it is as simple as adding another page to that constant, never-ending list!)  Two very important items that you need to have on your list include:

Get a ladder:
A leaf-filled gutter system will create a very expensive problem.  If your gutters are full of debris, water can (and will) back up against the house, resulting in immediate damage to the siding and roofing.  If the downspout is completely blocked, you may also have unforeseen water intrusion problems.  Constant monitoring of this situation, removal of the debris, or installation of a gutter protection device will help remedy this problem.

Get more than a view:
Inefficient windows and doors can drain a budget in a short amount of time.  If you have a single glazed window with a combination or storm window on the outside, you need to consider an upgrade.  If your existing windows do not latch properly, or lack weatherstripping, now is the time to address both issues.  Consider investing in a Handyman Service, or even replacing the old window system.

Addressing the “To-Do” list without the talents of a MacGyver is time consuming, difficult, and for some, challenging.  However, the effects of inactivity on your behalf can be even more challenging.