Sump Pump Overdrive

With a very wet spring, sump pumps everywhere are working overtime. When installed and working properly, the sump pump can save homeowners thousands of dollars in water damage.
sump pump battery back up

A sump pump automatically kicks on when it is needed, pumps water out and away from the house, and then shuts itself off again until it’s needed again. However, the storms that often cause extreme rainfalls also cause power outages. Without power, your sump pump can’t work. Water builds up and then floods into the lowest level of your home.

There’s a solution that all homeowners should consider; a battery back-up for the sump pump. This investment gives your sump pump a back-up power supply if the electricity goes out, and extends your ability to stay ahead of water damage. A battery back-up also gives you the peace of mind when you leave for vacation or aren’t able to run home during a storm to check on things.

There is a wide variety of battery back up choices for sump pumps that range in price from a couple hundred dollars to several hundred dollars. You will need to shop for the kind that best meets your needs. However, this is an investment. The money and headaches a back up power supply can provide often outweigh the initial cost.