GPS receiverIf you’ve been living on a remote, desolate island, completely passed up by technology and do not recognize the word used in the title; I will be happy to provide a little basic tutorial.  When traveling across country, recalculating is a term that is generated by your GPS that is used to identify a wrong turn on your journey.  If you veer off the most direct route to your destination, a voice notifies you that the GPS is “recalculating” your route, and will soon announce the corrected course to get you arriving at your destination as soon as possible.

Homeowners go through a recalculation process almost every season.  Collegiate and professional teams recalculate their game plan after each sporting contest.  Even businesses employ a recalculation exercise to keep them focused on their core values.  Society tends to have a little fun with the recalculating verbiage, but is is a very proactive process that typically is beneficial to all.

Your home is currently going through a recalculation process.  The unseasonal temperatures have created a January-like environment, and are forcing each of us to rethink the overall efficiency of our home.  Are you feeling drafts by your windows?  Do you see frost on your severely inefficient and outdated window and door systems?  And, most importantly, are you terrified to open the heating bill when it arrives in the mail?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, it is time to seek out the services of a professional that can assist you in your recalculation process.  Since 1967, Richard Larson Builders has been helping homeowners with that important progression.  Let our professionals recalculate, remove, and re-install a new window or door system from Pro Via that features energy saving technology that will pay dividends to you for years to come.