Plugged Gutters Can Lead to Water Damage

leaves and debris in guttersWhen is the last time you climbed up and cleaned out your gutters and downspouts? Some people are diligent about this task, making it part of their spring and fall cleaning list. Other people wouldn’t dream of climbing up on a ladder and digging in organic, wet sludge in the name of a “clean gutter”. Most of us fall somewhere in between with the best intentions and lack of time. However, plugged gutters can lead to water build up on roofs and into ceilings. Debris that traps water next to the roof right before it freezes is essentially an invited ice dam. Who needs these headaches?

Make a point to clean out your gutters and down spouts on a regular basis. Have a partner with you (or make a “honey-do” list) to help hold the ladder and keep you safe. Use rubber gloves to get a hold of debris. Use a garden hose to flush any remaining matter out of your drain spouts. Make plans to do this every fall after leaves have fallen and after each subsequent wind/rain storm.

If cleaning your gutters and downspouts is something you don’t want to do, you may be interested in a Gutter Glove. It’s a solution that guards your gutters against clogs.