Planning, planning, planning!

In the game of baseball, a left handed pitcher is called a “southpaw.”  This nickname is not a random designation, but the result of significant planning.  Stadium architects go to great lengths to lay out a new major league baseball stadium.  Ever wonder why in straight away center-field you will usually find grass or solid dark colors?  That area is planned by the architect; it is specifically done so that the batter will not lose the baseball in a light colored background.

Furthermore, the league has gone even further with the typical establishment of home plate at the west end of the ball park.  Obviously, then 2nd base is at the east end, guaranteeing that a batter would not have to face into the westerly sky and a bright sunset.  So…if home plate is the west end, second base at the east end, then first base must be at the south end of most fields.  A left handed pitcher, when standing on the pitching mound has his pitching arm to the first base side of the infield.  Therefore, a left-handed pitcher is often referred to as a “southpaw.”

Now, here is where it really becomes interesting.  Before one ounce of dirt is moved, major league baseball has already planned the direction that home plate will face.  This is done before advertising is ordered, before million dollar corporate sponsors are recruited, and even before the jumbo-tron is decided upon.  Simply put, Major League Baseball has invested a large amount of advance planning even before the ownership group releases the details of a new stadium.

A similar amount of planning is also necessary for success in the building/remodeling industry.  Here at the Larson Family of Companies our 44 year history is rich with tradition, based upon a strong foundation filled with planning.  It is something that we don’t take for granted.  We will meet with you, pre-plan your project, and guide you through the process until the finished product is one that you are proud of.