An ounce of preparation now…..

The month of change is upon us.  March is traditionally known as a huge transitional month, and here in the upper Midwest those transitions can include tremendous snow storms, bright sun filled days, cold wind swept mornings, and even severe weather with localized flooding and downpours.

The exterior of your home is at the front line of the battle with these unforgiving elements, and one of the key components of that battle, believe it or not, is your gutter system.  This often overlooked integral part of your house must be able to rapidly move all of the water displaced by your roof system, and directionally place it in an area that will not compromise the foundation and drainage area of your property.

Our late winter weather played an intriguing game with us this year.  We were “blessed” with a somewhat heavy ice storm in early February.  As the freezing rain fell, it created a large frozen mass inside your gutters.  Later February brought a few freeze and thaw cycles that only added to the mess.  Finally, the expansion of all of the ice inside the gutter system, manufactured the greatest amount of damage.

Thus far this spring, our installation crews have seen gutters completely removed from the wall, seams ripped apart, and end caps and mitered corners blown out.

With the spring rain season just a short time away, now is the time to invest a few moments to inspect your gutter system.  Some key observations to look at include:

  • Are the gutters properly and securely fastened to the fascia board?
  • Is the existing gutter system properly installed behind the drip edge?  (If this question worries or confuses you, then immediately call a professional.)
  • Are the elbows and downspouts secure, or do they seem loose?
  • Is the gutter system clear of all debris?
  • Have some of the seams pulled apart?

Lastly, if you need help with your gutter system, give us a call (preferably before the heavy rains begin).