Looking in the rearview mirror……Need help with Spring Fix Up Projects?

Downspout emptying into eaveCreative Commons License photo credit: andrew.petro
I don’t think you will find anyone that will argue with you regarding the strength and longevity of Mother Nature’s impact the last few months.  Homeowners will need to spend a little extra time in the coming weeks to review, and address some issues, or will be potentially facing much greater consequences soon.

An important place to start is with your gutter system.  By many accounts this is the most forgotten item on your house, I mean, it’s just supposed to work, right?  Unfortunately, that gutter and downspout system also takes more abuse than anything else on your home.  By taking a few home maintenance steps right now, you can help prevent greater problems when the spring rains arrive.


  1. Make sure that your gutter system is not clogged or plugged with leaves from a late fall wind.  Even though you spent a great deal of time keeping them clean last fall, there is a good possibility that items have found their way back into the gutters.
  2. Expansion and contraction are two terrible gremlins that will hamper the effectiveness of the gutters.  The past few months have impacted us with a wide range of temperatures.  That variance helps create expansion and contraction of your gutters.  Seams, or corners that fit tightly last fall, may have pulled apart.  Additionally, you may simply just notice a leak at a corner that has never leaked before.
  3. Out spouts.  I cannot stress this step enough.  You don’t want your downspouts to drain all of the water right to the foundation of your house.  By installing a short “out spout” onto the bottom of the downspout you can divert the water away from your house.

Spring can be a trying time for a homeowner.  Staying ahead of the fix-up projects can take a huge bite out of your weekend time.  A Handyman, or Fix-it Service may be your answer.  These types of companies typically have very seasoned carpenters that can tackle even the smallest of projects, and, I might add a review of your gutter system!