Little things make a big difference!

Ok, so you’ve made the decision.  It’s time to re-paint an interior room or two.  The boring blue needs to go, or at least an update is in line.  Sure, it seems like a pretty uncomplicated task, a relaxing Saturday morning breather that allows you an opportunity to wind down from the work week stress.  Selecting the “new” color can be entertaining, and even moving the furniture can be a pleasant experience.  However, the uphill battle is just around the corner…’s time to actually go and purchase your supplies.

Thoughts of HS Algebra class race through your mind, as you try to calculate the total wall area of your room, and how much paint you will need.  (And men, I can promise that you will be judged by the number of extra trips you make to the hardware store to pick up more paint, or extra items.)  I found a wonderful link that that will save you time, energy, and keep you on budget when you need to figure out the amount of paint you need.

Easy 2 DIY offers a fun Interior Paint Calculator.  All you need are the measurements of your rooms and trim around the doors and windows.  The calculator will give you an estimate of how much paint you will need to complete your project.  A little planning will help prevent major headaches!