Larson announces North American Exclusive

According to Doug Kephart, President of Richard Larson Builders, Inc, they are extremely proud to have been selected as North America’s exclusive representative for a new window system capable of producing insulating values as high as 53.  Kephart made the announcement in International Falls, MN long known as “America’s Icebox.”  Richard Larson Builders, Inc, a 44 year old company located in Hutchinson, MN was the long shot to receive this highly acclaimed nomination.  The small Hutchinson company beat out much larger window suppliers with their creative marketing concept for the new window system.

Possibly the world’s most efficient window, Kephart is confident that the R-value of the so far un-named window, will revolutionize the construction industry.  Kephart commented that windows with an R-value of 53 may be so effective in the wall of a house that LP or fuel oil will become a thing of the past.

Right from its inception the R53 window has been turning heads.  Engineers have marveled over its ability to recognize pre-existing weather trends and prepare for the house for upcoming weather changes.  Kephart commented, “This window will become the I-phone of the home improvement industry.”

Initially thought to be too expensive to market to the average homeowner, the R53 window campaign received a huge boost when investors flocked to the company for record investment returns.

Loaded with high tech options the R53 window will come complete with a built-in solar generated heat pump that will assist in heating and cooling.  Other options include, remote tint, self wash, and an integral security system.

Forecasted originally to be introduced by a large window company, Kephart’s marketing efforts convinced the R53 Board of Director’s that his small staff of 25 was more than capable of handling the North American introduction of such a complex window.  Kephart’s slogan of “No more hope, it’s time to change, get a 53” wowed the marketing department at R53.

Originally funded by the US Government for space research, the R53 window is expected to be released in North America in early second quarter, 2011.

Only very limited amounts of information are currently available on the window.  Kephart has directed all interested home owners or contractors to visit his website, Larson

Lastly, Kephart has asked for your understanding of the magnitude of such a project.  For a complete summary of the concept, please reference the first letter of each paragraph.