Just do it……

In 1988 one of the most recognizable slogans ever created was born.  Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign gave a breath of fresh air to a company that used the slogan to separate itself from rival Reebok, and in 2010, recorded 260 million dollars worth of web sales alone!

And how, you may ask, did that little tidbit of information make it into a blog on a general contractor’s website?  The answer is quite simple; the phrase, “Just Do It” can apply to many things in life, including home improvements.

The month of May is National Home Improvement month, and I am constantly asked the same question.  “Where do I start, What do I do first, and How do I plan?”  Home improvements can be an overwhelming task, if you allow them to control your life.

My simple answer to the above referenced question is to follow the Nike approach.  Just Do It…..start with painting a room, maybe add some new floor coverings, or dive right in with a roofing or siding project.  Whatever you do will benefit you greatly.  The biggest mistake I see customers make, is indecision.  They wait, and wait, and the thought of proceeding with a home improvement project becomes too massive and they do nothing.

Indecision will cost more in the long run.  Make it your goal to start a project this month….Just do it!