Just a piece of paper

Most of you probably can remember that fate filled day……for some of you it is a recent memory, for others, well, your secret is safe with me.  It was a day filled with stress, anxiety, nerves, upset stomachs, and even through all of the negativity, there was always a glimmer of anticipation.  The day I am referring to is the day that each of us took our behind the wheel exam for our driver’s license.  For some the test ended in disappointment, for others, a feeling of freedom, happiness, and adulthood beamed from those young smiles.  Sure, it was just a piece of paper, but it stood for so much more.

Many of you may be surprised to know that the State of Minnesota has a licensing program for contractors that operate in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Currently, the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry licenses residential builders, remodelers, roofers and manufactured home installers. To work in Minnesota, these professionals must be licensed.

The Department of Labor and Industry has an excellent website that can be used to check, or confirm that a contractor does indeed have the appropriate license.  The status of a license can be verified by using this quick link to the Department of Labor and Industry.  Additionally, the website offers some helpful tips when hiring a contractor that can be useful for planning a project of any size.

As it was when you got your driver’s license; homework is a necessary component of a building or home improvement project.  Avoid the fast talking “promise the moon”  salesperson, do your research, and your building project will be a pleasant experience.  Assume that all contractors in Minnesota operate by the same standards, and, unfortunately, you will be disappointed.

The license is just a piece of paper….a house is just a bunch of wood, together a professional contractor will make it a beautiful home for you and your family.