It’s good to be home

In 1939, the classic American fantasy movie, The Wizard of Oz, made its debut.  In the movie, Dorothy, was mystically transported from her home in Kansas to the magical world of Oz.  As the movie progresses, Dorothy, continues to meet new allies that attempt to help her accomplish her goal of returning to her home; while all the time facing difficult trials and tribulations. The young Kansas girl and her faithful little dog, Toto, dreamed of returning home, and did not let little set backs slow the journey down.

As many of you are aware, we vacated our Adams Street location for an extensive remodel.  The office staff assumed a temporary home in a small building located near downtown Hutchinson, while others used warehouses as their offices.  Although we were not whisked away in a tornado like Dorothy, the challenges of temporarily moving a 45 year old company presented some interesting logistical hurdles for all.  (Things that were normally just taken for granted, suddenly were gone or missing…or in some cases just misplaced!)

The experience was good for our team. The tests that we faced exposed us to struggles that we had not anticipated, and forced us to look for alternative ways to solve the issue at hand.  The adventure made all of us think outside of our comfort zone, and as Dorothy experienced, empowered us to realize who we really were, and what we wanted to accomplish.

We are home.  We have moved back into the Adams Street location.  Sure, we still have things to do, finishing touches to apply, but we also have customers that need assistance solving their problems, and, as we did throughout our remodel, have placed the needs of our committed customers in front of our own desires.

Yes, we are home.  It definitely feels good.