It can be a shocking experience

As our remodeling project accelerates into the 12th week, we have achieved a couple more milestones and can start to see a flickering light at the end of the tunnel.  The framing is complete, the electricians have, for the most part, completed their initial phase (no pun intended), sheetrock has been installed, and final taping of the sheet-rock has started.  This is the part of the project where most homeowners start to feel a little better about the remodel.  Progress is much more visible, as rooms take shape, and the benefits of proactive planning are paying dividends.

Our project is no different than a homeowner’s remodel.  Prior to the completion of the framing component it is important to discuss with your electrician the location of all electrical aspects of your remodel.  As the digital aspect of our world continues to grow, this step is a mandatory stop on the remodeling road map.  Communication, video, and even security components are not terribly complicated, but failure to address these elements with proper planning will result in disappointment and, unfortunately, added cost.

Your electrician will be versed in electrical code requirements.  Those statutes will help guide and direct some of the decisions that will need to be made in each room.  Rely on the experience of your electrician to educate and assist you with planning and placement, trying to anticipate any future needs.