Is Your Roof Ready for Old Man Winter

is your roof ready for winter and snowWinter in the upper Midwest can be brutal. Winter storms are common and snow fall totals are often measured in feet rather than inches. With snow, ice, wind, and freezing rain in spontaneous increments, your roof takes a beating.

Think about it. Your roof must endure heavy snow drifts. Your shingles have to defend against laterally blowing rain and sleet, fighting its way into every space. Your gutters and downspouts have to fight off a cycle of freezing and melting precipitation. One day’s snow on your roof is the next day’s melting and then refreezing ice. When that freezes, you get icicles. Kids think they are cool, but your roof and gutters don’t!

Rough winter conditions year after year make it crucial that you inspect your roof and make sure it’s ready for old man winter! Missing or curled shingles indicate there’s been some level of stress to your roof and you need to access the level of repairs needed.

Fall is the perfect time to schedule a re-roofing project, which can typically be completed in less than a week, depending on the size of your home/roof. If it is time to re-roof, consider a permanent option like our stone coated steel roof. This popular option utilizes stone coated steel shingles that consist of a heavy-duty Galvalume steel base that essentially transforms your roof into a maintenance free one.

If you have an older roof or haven’t been up on your roof in a while, now is the time. If you are not comfortable climbing on your roof or unsure what to look for, give us a call.