If the Pitter-Patter becomes PAINFUL

I know, the idea of winter finally releasing its stronghold on central Minnesota seems like a scene from the movie Groundhog Day.  In that movie, Bill Murray was hopelessly lost in a repeat of the previous day….day after day after day.  Our latest snowfall tends to remind us of the painful longevity of winter.  However, I can assure everyone that Spring will arrive, and, with its arrival will come the wonderful, relaxing sound of rain drops and their endless pitter-patter.

However, as many homeowners know, that sweet little pitter-patter can become an expensive, painful home maintenance item.  Water intrusion can rear its ugly head in many forms; many of which can be almost impossible to track.  One of the most costly areas is damage from roof lines; fortunately, the fix can be one of the simplest on your home. 

Installation of a new, seamless gutter system can almost certainly remedy the problem.  Sometimes referred to as “factory on wheels,” today’s seamless gutters are manufactured at your location by skilled professionals.  Homeowners have many options to consider, but a seamless gutter contractor should provide the following:

1.  Licensed and insured.  (Do not attempt to work with a un-licensed or uninsured contractor.)

2.  Written estimate/contract.  (He said/she said is not a professional way to do business.)

3.  Explanation of what is going to take place.  (Many contractors will simply leave a bid in the front door.  Find out what you are really getting.  Meet with the contractor and ask questions.)

4.  List of referrals.  (It is very easy to get into business, and unfortunately, very easy to get out of business.)

5.  Professional installation.  (Make sure the the installers are employees of the company that you have hired.  That may sound ridiculous, but many contractors actually sub out the install.  Those installers are then usually not properly insured, licensed, or sometimes, even qualified to the work.)