"I wish I would have……"

Having been in this industry for well over a quarter of a century now, I have heard the same comments ringing clear over and over again; “I wish we would have done this sooner, or I don’t know how I got along before the project.”  I’m confident that the winners of our Ugly Kitchen Contest would echo those observations. 

If you have followed my posts about Andy and Brooke, you can appreciate the planning that they did to help with the transition from the ugly to the unbelievable. Brooke took the time to do her homework, and that single step in the preparation process paid huge dividends.

The removal of the doorway into the living room was a must to attempt to fully utilize the small spaces, that the existing kitchen provided.  Once that was complete, the addition of a new microwave, and the relocation of the stove provided the room to transform this outdated kitchen into a useful tool.

The finished product encompasses everything that Brooke wanted to accomplish with her kitchen.  The floor to ceiling pantry at the far end of the kitchen with four pull out trays for convenient access has tripled her storage space.  The small peninsula at the near end of the kitchen is the perfect, casual dining area for a young, constantly on the the go, couple.

For her cabinetry, Brooke selected hickory with its semi rustic, open grain and a stunning finish color that complimented the wood floor, and exsting decor in the immediate area.  The weathered nickel pulls and knobs create a subtle contrast with the hickory that reflects Brooke’s complete attention to detail.  The DeepStar High Definition Laminate from Wilsonart was an excellent selection for the counter top.  This unique, very versatile pattern changes with the lighting of the room, and is a welcome alternative to standard, oh hum laminate colors.

Brooke did an outstanding job of managing her responsibilities for this project.  Her availability, timely decision making skills, coordination helped turn her Ugly Kitchen into a focal point of her house.  The before picture on top, and the after picture on the bottom can only partially represent the complete change that took place in Brooke’s kitchen.

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