Planning a Kitchen Remodel? What You Need to Know…

Kitchen with Custom Cherry CabinetsThe kitchen is more than just a place everyone goes to eat. It is the first room potential buyers look at, the space that makes neighbors green with envy and the central hubspot of the home. Technology, decor and practical layout are all key elements that bring a tired kitchen back to life. When the time comes to plan, take a systematic approach to kitchen remodeling.

Make an inventory list of all the things you want to change. The kitchen is a living space that should be both aesthetically pleasing and useful. Examine the layout, wall treatments and appliances – checking off what needs to change along the way. Make sure to give the room a detailed evaluation.

Is the layout workable?

Custom Oak Cabinetry for Kitchen

Above all else, the kitchen is a workspace. At this point in your kitchen remodeling, decide if it’s a big job or just paint. If the current configuration makes sense, then the changes are primarily cosmetic. If the kitchen was never the room you dreamed about maybe adding a breakfast nook gets you there.

Take a second look at the cabinets.

You can increase the value of the property, as well as get a quick facelift, when kitchen remodeling includes this feature. Refacing cabinets is a low-cost and effective way to change the look of the entire room.

While making kitchen remodeling plans, don’t forget the countertops.

These work areas tend to be scarred and old. Replacing them with tile
or granite in sync with new cabinets pulls the decor together and
provides a fresh look.

Older appliances may still look nice, but ask yourself if they are efficient. larson-40

Replacing the stove, refrigerator and dishwasher with EnergyStar products will pay for itself.

What about lighting?

Older kitchens often had inadequate lighting. Wiring the room for new light fixtures and recessed illumination brightens up the entire space. Putting in lights under cabinets, for example, complements new countertops and creates focus on an artistic backslash. A beautiful kitchen loses something if no one can see it.

Since a kitchen often serves as the hubspot of the home, kitchen remodeling is usually one of the first steps in making over the entire house.   Depending upon your budget and the state of your existing kitchen, a remodel can be a large, extensive project, or it can be a small, quick facelift.  If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you need to figure out what projects you can tackle on your own, and what will require help from an experienced, and licensed contractor.