Home window replacement

Larson Builders offers expert, high-quality repair services for all your window, glass or window hardware needs. We know that windows and glass can break or crack and that screens can be torn. Both of these can also lose their ability to function properly due to age, weather elements, or sun exposure. We have a repair process using precise techniques and the latest tools to repair or install windows perfectly. We have never had return issues or warranty problems with any of our windows.

Often, you will hear the terms Replacement, Retrofit or New Construction from contractors or manufacturers. Either term can be used for windows, but the terms have their specific advantages when installed according to these respective methods.

Home Window Replacement or Retrofit Home Windows

These have been created to save labor and costs There are two basic kinds of replacement windows, and these include the following:

1. Flush fins or Z-bars – These replacement windows are used often in places where many home exteriors feature aluminum windows in stucco. What these do is leave the original aluminum frame intact, leaving virtually no chance for the stucco to become damaged. When choosing this method, ask to see pictures of installed Z-bars so that you can get a better idea of how they turn out when a project is complete.

2. Block frame  These are also called insert replacement windows. Most often they are found in places where wood windows have been installed within a home with siding or brick for the exterior. In many parts of the country, the block frame is a new construction frame with nail fins taken out. The window installer will make sure there is no damage to any of the studs and that there is enough installation and flashing before moving ahead with block frame installations.

New Construction Window

New construction windows have nail fins. When homes are being built, the frames are made using wood studs. Nail fins rest against the outer side of the studs. Then the nails are driven through the fin’s holes. Afterward, the exterior materials are applied and adhered to the frame of the window or the window trim.

New construction windows can also be used in replacement window projects. The outside materials which include the trim, stucco, siding or flashing are taken out to expose the wood studs. Each new window is installed as it would have been when the home was first built. When the original studs are exposed, the contractor can see any damage such as rot or home settling that might have happened.

This damage can be fixed and the new window can be installed along with the correct insulation so as to minimize air getting between the new replacement and the studs. This method is more labor intensive so it costs more than other replacement methods do.

The NFRC Label

For either of the above types of windows, always look for important features that differentiate low-quality products from high-quality products. The basic elements to look for include:

1. The NFRC Label which is a label placed by the National Fenestration Rating Council. This non-profit organization is in charge of taking care of rating and labeling windows, doors, and skylights for their energy performance.

2. Metal lock components that fit together securely. Ideally, these are made of stainless steel.

3. Matching colors on each component.

4. Heat-welded joints. These are better than mechanical fastenings on window sashes or frames which are held in by screws, brackets, and caulking.

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