Have you reached it yet?

ScaleEverybody has one.  It might have been building for months, or, for some, it has just taken a day or two. What I’m talking about is a tipping point.  By definition, it is a point where an issue crosses a threshold that requires some type of action.  Unfortunately, when it comes to home improvements, those tipping points typically involve a little bit of pain.  High heating/cooling costs, water intrusion problems, or maybe just an extremely vocal significant other are examples of unintended consequences that involve a tipping point.

One of the best ways to combat an emotionally charged tipping point decision is education.  Learn as much as you can about the issue, and then you can make a logical decision on how to solve your problem.

As the rain falls on central Minnesota today, the phone has been very active with water intrusion problems or concerns from potential customers that have reached their tipping point with leaking or damaged gutters.

We have assembled a very useful tool to help educate homeowners about those “thingies-that-drain-the-water-off-my-roof,” or, as they are more professionally called; gutters.

Download our free Gutter Buyer’s Guide today.  This document will help walk you through the process of becoming a more educated consumer, and will help prevent those tipping points from creating a tremendous amount of pain.