From Ordinary to OUTSTANDING…

It served its purpose well.  It did the job.  It fought the good fight.  But, after 25 bitterly cold winters, 25 years of Mother Nature and the continued abuse of a sun baked, wind blown environment, it was time.  It’s always a tough decision to say good bye, but for Marlo and Angie Macik, the time had arrived.  Marlo’s parents had invested in ABC Seamless Siding in 1987.  The simple clean lines of the time proven classic 8″ siding panel in the colonial white color gave the 1970’s rambler a new life 25 years ago!

As Marlo and Angie’s farm operation grew, they appreciated the maintenance free lifestyle that ABC Seamless had provided to them.  It was, however, missing something.  As Angie said, “it needed a modern face-lift!”  When Marlo and Angie decided to make a change, they looked no further than the original company that installed the siding.  A simple phone call to Richard Larson Builders started the renovation process.

In an attempt to capture some significant energy savings the Maciks also decided to install new triple glazed THV Windows.  At the center of the window project was the installation of a beautiful 5-lite bow window, its sweeping panoramic view became the focal point of the project.  In addition to the bow, Marlo and Angie replaced every window in the house with the durability and dependability of THV Windows.

In an attempt to break up the long lines of the house, a new stone veneer featuring Silvermine Stone products was installed.  This innovative product created the foundation for the “facelift” that Angie was desiring.

Finally, Marlo and Angie selected the ABC Seamless color, Sandtone, as the new featured color of the house.  This warm selection blended perfectly with the stone, and the double 5″ panel created a new look to the once simple house. From one generation to the next, the professionals at the Larson Family of Companies can assist in all of your home remodeling needs.