Focus on the journey

In today’s world filled with technology it would seem almost impossible to get lost.  With GPS, Google Maps, satellite and street views, one would think that arriving at the intended destination would be an easy task to accomplish, and a target that would be impossible to miss.  However, I can assure you, if you concentrate only on the bulls-eye, you will miss much so more.

Throughout the past 45 years we have been rewarded with the opportunity to have met some phenominal people.  Customers that we have helped turn their dreams into a reality, vendors who have assisted us in building our business, mentors that have shared their life experiences, and most importantly employees who have dedicated countless hours to professional customer service.

One of the most gratifying events of a journey of this magnitude is the opportunity to witness first hand the impact that you have had on lives, and the impact that those same lives have had on you.  We have been blessed to have been surrounded by others that have left life altering impressions on us, and for that we are sincerely grateful.

During this adventure, we have truly learned to appreciate the journey instead of the destination.  The planning, the sacrifices, the training, and yes, even some tears have helped promote the Larson Family of Companies into an elite collection of skilled craftsmen.  (Don’t get me wrong, in fact, our number one goal at the Larson Family of Companies is still to get you into your finished project on time and on budget.  Whether it be a small THV Replacement Window project, an ABC Seamless Siding job, or an entire new home, our qualified staff will do everything in their power to guarantee a positive building experience.)

Please join us this Friday, September 28, 2012 as we will celebrate with an Open House to recognize our 45th year in business.  We will be serving free sandwiches, chips, a drink and cake from 11am to 2pm at 640 Adams Street in Hutchinson.