Fall is here, winter is near

FallWith an official start date of September 23, fall has arrived. The arrival of fall means that winter is inevitably on its way. It’s hard to think about cold weather and snow, but it will be here before you know it. September, October and November are the perfect months to take time and make sure your home, garage and yard are prepared for the winter ahead.

To help, we’ve provided a checklist you can use as you get ready. Completing this checklist is important to make sure your home is safe and comfortable and you avoid any unwanted damage or surprises that could cost you money.

Download the checklist >


  • Change the filter on your furnace – have the ducts professionally cleaned and schedule a furnace maintenance check-up
  • Reverse the blades on your ceiling fan to push warm air downward
  • Install storm windows or caulk existing windows
  • Clean your dryer vent, pellet stove vents and fireplace chimneys
  • Make sure kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans are working properly
  • Change the filter in your humidifier
  • Clean and store your dehumidifier
  • Check your roof for any cracks or damage


  • Replenish your supply of sidewalk salt
  • Rediscover your snow shovels
  • Make sure your snow blower is working properly
  • Properly dispose of household hazardous waste such as used oil, cleaners, solvents and other items you no longer need
  • Move items that shouldn’t freeze, such as paint and caulk, into the basement for safe keeping


  • Detach your garden hoses from outside faucets before it freezes so you don’t break the faucet and have to deal with leaks
  • Check your sump pump hose for leaks and make sure it’s securely attached
  • Fertilize your yard with slow release winter fertilizer
  • Mulch leaves and grass
  • Clean debris and leaves out of your gutters and downspouts
  • Trim branches growing close to your roof and power lines – call professionals if they are too close for you to handle yourself
  • Put reflector stakes in the ground along your driveway or landscaping before the ground freezes
  • Store outdoor furniture

If you have any questions or need help completing your checklist, give us a call at 800-247-2041 or 320-587-5555. We’d be happy to help!