Extending Your Day on the Deck: Deck Lighting

Deck lighting is a welcome addition to enhance both the ambiance and the functionality of a deck. You’re not limited in deck lighting options to help you achieve the lighting effect for which you want to achieve, so take the time to think about what you want and need.

Landscape Lighting

Lighting on and around your deck enhances your landscaping and the presentation of your outdoor living space. Lighting provides a warm element that invites seeing your space in a whole new way. Lighting in landscaping can complement deck lighting for a consistent look and feel. Landscape lighting helps provide a lighted path from the gate, path through the yard, and onto the deck.

Deck Lighting

Deck lighting options are as vast as landscape lighting and can feature lighted walkways, stairs, railings, newel posts, and overhead lights. Trex, a popular decking product offers integrated lighting into the materials for a seamless and polished look. If you are just starting a deck building project or remodel project, lighting is something you want to consider ahead of time, so that your selection is easily and beautifully integrated into the final project. The option of using dimmers and timers , as well as solar lights allow you to achieve the lighting that best fits your lifestyle and deck use.

Safety needs

Sufficient lighting on decks adds an element of safety that is necessary for your deck to be an extension of your home. You wouldn’t dream of making guests navigate through your home without lights, so make sure you’re able to offer them the lighting they need to enjoy their time with you on your deck!

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