Everyone needs a little Yukon Cornelius

Since 1964,  Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer has been the foundation of the annual Christmas television specials on CBS.  In the show, Rudolph meets many interesting characters, however, no one, in my opinion, tops the enduring faith of a loud prospector by the name of Yukon Cornelius.  His faith-filled dreams of striking silver and gold should be the prototype to the life we all dream to achieve.

Just like each of us, Cornelius faced countless roadblocks.  (Although most of us have not had to deal with the Abominable Snow Monster, The Island of Misfit Toys, or “the storm of the century.”)  But Yukon, filled with never-ending self confidence and a rock solid belief that he would indeed, one day, “be rich with the biggest silver strike this side of Hudson Bay,” never stopped focusing on his goal.  The distractions were numerous, time consuming, and frustrating, but nothing prevented the bearded one from pressing on.

Rudolph and his friends should be inspirations to all of us, as each and everyone of us will face our own version of a foggy Christmas eve, or a temporary stop at the island of misfit toys.  But, if we keep the faith of Yukon Cornelius, we will persevere, and succeed!

As our 45th year of business in Hutchinson slowly comes to a close, we are humbled by the continual faith that families of central Minnesota place in us.  That trust is the cornerstone to our success and is something that no one at Richard Larson Builders takes for granted.

Happy Holidays!