Everybody should have some skin in the game

The home improvement industry is plagued by many interesting individuals that really do not have the consumers’ best interests in mind.  From marketing schemes, to inferior products, to questionable business actions; the “here today, gone tomorrow” mentality of some of my industry comrades can be quite embarrassing.

There are many issues that help set the table for this mess.  First and foremost, the consumer must understand that it is fairly simple to get into this business.  For the most part, a person with limited carpentry skills, a pickup, some tools, and a little ambition can start a construction company.  Throw in a cell phone, and a do it yourself website, and you are suddenly anointed with the title of expert.

The window replacement industry has also complicated things with their use of subcontracted installations.  (In this scenario, the homeowner may not even be aware this is happening.)  The process can operate something like this.  The homeowner purchases windows from Big Bob’s Discount Windows.  Big Bob, whose any size double hung is always $189 installed, turns around and “assigns” the install to Dave’s Quality Window Installations.  Dave shows up at Bob’s warehouse to pick up the windows and heads to the job site for the installation.  Dave has never seen the house; all he knows is that he gets $25 per window installed.  Dave, knowing that his compensation from Big Bob is extremely limited, rushes the install, and hurriedly cuts some corners.  Months later (or in some cases only days later) the homeowner has issues with his new windows; and calls Big Bob with a service request.  After a lengthy delay, Bob finally comes out to inspect the problem.  The homeowner is frustrated to learn that Bob claims the windows are fine, BUT that they were installed wrong, and he now must call Dave. Dave eventually arrives and points his finger at Big Bob’s cheap windows….the pattern of irresponsibility is just passed onto another.

Window replacement companies use subcontracted installations because it is simply a cheaper way of getting the windows installed.  No vehicles to provide for employees, no benefits to issue to employees, no installation responsibility…..I think you get the picture.

With a window installation from Richard Larson Builders, there is no divided responsibility.  Our experienced employees install your windows.  Yes, the initial investment may be more to do it this way, but in a world filled with fast and immediate, after 45 years of service in central Minnesota we prefer accurate and correct.