Everybody needs a good road map.

A certain delivery company talks about how they love logistics.  In fact, they go to the extreme end of things to make sure their customers appreciate all of the details that their services provide.  A kitchen remodel can become a logistical nightmare.  Planning, shopping, dreaming, and, of course, coordinating, can challenge even the greatest organizational masterminds.

We too, tend to love logistics.  We encourage our potential customers to dream when it comes to their kitchen.  If you recall, our organization is working with Brooke and Andy Thrall with a kitchen make over project.  What you see in the picture to the left is Brooke’s homework assignment.  (We asked her dream a little about what she would like to see changed in her kitchen.)  The sketch that she completed becomes the backbone of our plan for her.  Brooke is extremely limited with her kitchen design as she has structural issues to keep in mind through the remodeling process.  She, however, did an outstanding job of relaying her plans/desires through a very simple sketch.

After our design team spent a little time with Brooke and her plan, we were able to convert those wishes into a workable concept that encompasses most of what Brooke wanted.  We plan on utilizing some new cabinetry, and to help stretch the remodel dollars, we will also incorporate some refacing.  I am confident that Brooke will absolutely fall in love with the pantry unit that we have inserted into the plan.  Her original kitchen was terribly short on storage.  The pantry, with the use of some pull out shelves, will virtually eliminate her storage issues.

Brooke is now in the final stages of her responsibilities.  (A laminate counter-top decision must be made as well as a wood species and hardware.)  Once those issues are resolved, then it is time for our production and installation teams to step into the mix of things, and turn all of the planning and dreaming into reality.