Don’t throw your money out the window

Double Hung WindowAs a homeowner, you understand how important it is to keep your home in tip-top shape. Annual maintenance projects and updates are essential to making your house safe and comfortable, especially during this chilly time of year. An important item on our fall checklist is to install storm windows or caulk existing ones. Weather proofing your windows, or replacing them if needed, will help minimize drafts and stop your heat from escaping, along with wasted energy and money.

See a return on investment with new replacement windows

According to REMODELING Magazine’s 2015 Cost-to-Value Report, replacing your home’s windows with wood windows has a 78.8% Cost-to-Value ratio, and replacing your windows with vinyl windows brings a 72.9% Cost-to-Value ratio. Larson Builders offers installation of both wood and vinyl replacement windows. We can help you save money AND live comfortably year after year!
Not only does window replacement and proper window maintenance keep dollars in your pocket, but well-maintained windows keep the elements out and your home in top condition. For heat efficiency purposes, it’s important to start your window weatherproofing on the inside. But external maintenance is also important to prevent water seepage, mold, wood and insulation damage and more.

Here are three things you can do to make sure your windows are ready for winter:

  1. Install window treatments like blinds or drapes to increase heat efficiency and keep cold air out. Window treatments can keep a room warm on windy days, but remember to open them on sunny days to take advantage of free heat from the sun.
  2. Inspect for needed repairs or replacements. Look for:
    a. Cracked glass
    b. Rotting wood
    c. Broken mechanisms
    d. Loose shudders and awnings
  3. Trim overgrown shrubs or tree branches that are close to your windows. Snow, wind, freezing rain and ice can weigh down branches and cause significant damage to your home.

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