Community Pride

The current labor dispute in the NFL intrigues me.  It has an interesting flavor associated with it.  The perception, I believe, is millionaires battling millionaires, in an attempt to become billionaires.  (I do understand some of the philosophy behind the struggle, but perception among the fans is becoming disturbing.)

The NFL season is 16 games, and from those games they select a Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, an Offensive Player of the year, an All Pro Team, and the list seemingly goes on forever and ever.  Have you ever asked yourself, why?  Why does a person like Tom Brady smile with the reported 26 million dollars per year to play a game, but break down emotionally when he receives an award, a simple plaque, that says, Well Done?

Everyone needs to feel that they are appreciated, and that their commitment to the “team” is recognized.  As a custom home builder, that recognition is usually fairly simple.  The new home stands proudly in its setting, and the builder can simply say, “See, we did it…..that is us……our work…..everyone take notice!”

But that is much harder to do in a volunteer based organization.  More things happen behind the scenes, the glamour isn’t there, the lime light is very faded, and the work usually goes un-noticed.  So today, as a proud member of the Hutchinson Community, I’d like to recognize, and say thank you to the tireless workers of the Hutchinson Jaycee organization that coordinate our local celebration, the Hutchinson Water Carnival.  Without their dedication, their commitment, and their seemingly endless levels of energy, Hutchinson would be just another community in central Minnesota.  Sure, people like Kyle Wendling, Sarah Skoog, or AJ Forcier (just to name a few) are no Tom Bradys, but to a community of 14,000 people, they make up the All Pro Team, and for that we thank you!!