Chasin’ the storm, and finding problems.

As the early morning thunder and heavy rain put a end to my fishing plans for the day, I directed my attention to the morning issue of the Minneapolis Star Tribune and their article about the monumental amounts of contractors that have flooded north Minneapolis after the recent tornado.

Our industry is continually plagued by “leech-like” individuals that are only concerned about lining their pockets as quickly as possible and throwing the customer’s wishes, needs, and desires out the door.  It did not surprise me to read in the story about a contractor that was fined $2,000 and had its’ license temporarily revoked, another contractor that recently lost a District Court judgement to a supplier for almost $30,000 worth of unpaid materials, or the contractor facing a possible trial later this year for billing insurance companies for non-existent charges.

Companies like this prey on emotionally ravaged customers who simply want a quick fix to the disaster that has turned their lives upside down.  They employ questionable standards, and usually will not be totally forthcoming with the homeowner.  They talk of promises, guarantees, and warranties…..which typically are just “tail light” warranties.  (One that expires as the tail lights of their vehicle leave your driveway.)

In the moments after a natural tragedy, don’t make an emotional decision.  Companies that promise their paperwork is “just an authorization form to  speak to your insurance company” are actually having you endorse a contract for the repair of your home.  Time is on your side; use it wisely, and the recovery will be fine.