A real metamorphosis!

Met-a-mor-pho-sis [met-uhmawrfuh-sis] N  A profound change from one stage to the next, or a complete change of form, structure, or substance.

Andy_Brooke Before

The definition of the word metamorphosis reminds me so much of childhood science classes and the experiment involving a caterpillar, and the Monarch Butterfly.  The planning, the preparation, anticipation, and finally the emergence of the beautiful butterfly has provided numerous memories for all involved.

We are about to embark on a very memorable metamorphosis with a local couple and their “ugly kitchen.”  Andy and Brooke were the winners of our Ugly Kitchen contest that we recently sponsored. Their small, severely cramped kitchen is lacking functional, usable storage.  (Note the cramped counter-top to the right of Brooke in the picture.  That’s right, you are not seeing things; the upper cabinet comes within 6″ of the top of the lower base unit!!)  The fibercore doors are antiquated, and are in dire need of replacement.  The overall layout of the existing kitchen is adequate for two busy professionals like Andy and Brooke, but lacks practicality as a true home resource.

Dated and cramped kitchen before makeover

As is the case with the science experiment, the first essential aspect of this project is the planning stage.  Brooke has completed her homework assignments, and has created a wish list, including simple sketches of ideas that she and Andy have considered.  Our design team will then attempt to coordinate those dreams into a structurally acceptable, functionally appropriate kitchen with as many options as a small kitchen can accommodate.

Follow us on our journey of the transformation of this “ugly kitchen” into a beautiful centerpiece that Brooke and Andy can be very proud of!